iiGEN Stationery Makes a Charitable Donation of Stationery to Xikang Welfare School

The Xikang Welfare School is a non-profit boarding school for orphans and other disadvantaged children located in the Tagong Grassland of Kangding City, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province. The school is located at an altitude of over 3,700 meters above sea level. Currently, the school has over 200 students, most of whom are orphans. The school’s expenses are mostly self-raised.

The school’s principal, Mr. Hu Zhong, and his wife, Ms. Xie Xiaojun, were named “People’s Favorites of China” in 2011. They have spent 22 years of their lives at the Tagong Grassland, helping these children grow up and changing the lives of hundreds of orphans in Sichuan’s Tibetan area.

On October 21, 2023, iiGEN Stationery’s Vice Chairman Chen Qiong learned about the school and proposed to donate stationery to the school. After contacting volunteers to learn more about the school and its students, the company began to actively prepare for the “Learn and Grow with Positive Youth” charity donation event.

From product selection to inventory, from packaging to shipping, boxes of stationery filled with iiGEN Stationery’s love set off, carrying the company’s mission of “making learning and life better.”

On October 29, with the help of teachers and volunteers, the stationery arrived in the hands of the children at the Xikang Welfare School. The children were thrilled to receive the stationery, which included Sanrio pencil cases, carrot pencil sharpeners, fun diary erasers, and Corner Friend rulers. The children held up the stationery, discussing their cute images and novel shapes with smiles on their faces. iiGEN Stationery hopes that the event will bring more joy and happiness to the children’s childhood learning lives.

iiGEN Stationery hopes to use its fun and creative stationery to spread joy, make learning and life better, and bring beauty to more places. This is the company’s original intention.