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Founded in 2004, LZ Stationery has been working in the stationery industry for 20 years. In just 10 years, the company has grown to become the LEADING eraser manufacturer in China.

In 20xx, we established a stationery design center and ran our own stationery brand iiGEN. 
We create our own IP series Our brand has pioneered the creation of multiple Intellectual Properties (IPs), each with its unique flair and appeal, beloved by a diverse clientele.
Our commitment to innovation maks us the go-to choice for customers seeking reliability, originality, and a touch of personality in their stationery.

LZ Stationery has transformed from a simple manufacturer to a design-driven company, from traditional stationery to creative products, from internal IP development to licensing from well-known IPs, and from the end market to e-commerce. The company now holds the leading market share in the creative eraser market and is the strongest rubber eraser manufacturer in China.

Feature Series Product


LZ Stationery Culture has taken the lead in the creative eraser game, snagging the biggest slice of the market pie across the nation. We’re the big dogs of erasers now, known for cool designs that everyone wants.

A mix of top-notch quality and really getting what our customers dig, making us the go-to eraser hotshot in the country.


In 2016, we launched the ‘Carrot Friends’ series, an IP that quickly skyrocketed to become the year’s sensational hit. This series not only captured the hearts of consumers but also achieved a remarkable milestone with gel pen annual sales reaching 10 million.

Our ‘Carrot Friends’ line has set a new benchmark for product success in the stationery industry, showcasing our ability to blend imaginative design with market demand.


In 2018, iiGen broke new ground by introducing a line of stress-relief products that took the market by storm. By 2019, the iiGen Squishy series had clinched the title of best-selling stationery, stealing the spotlight at every exhibition and becoming the must-have item for stationery enthusiasts. This series didn’t just lead sales charts; it became the talk of the town for its innovative approach to combining fun with functionality in stationery.

iiGEN – Leading Creative Stationery Brand

We pride ourselves on our creative spirit and commitment to great design. Our products stand out for their exceptional quality, embodying the perfect blend of form and function.

Each piece is a testament to our dedication to innovation in the stationery world, ensuring that users not only get a tool that meets their needs but also a design piece that sparks joy and inspiration in their daily lives.





The Little Pony

Kun Panda

Carrot Friends

Lazy Stars

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