Jinhua Mayor Visits iiGEN Stationery Factory

On December 8, 2023, Jinhua Mayor Xing Zhihong, accompanied by Pujiang County Party Secretary Yu Peifen and County Governor Hu Zaotao, visited the factory of iiGEN Stationery, a leading creative stationery company in China. The purpose of the visit was to learn about the company’s production and operations, as well as its development direction.

Xing Zhihong and his entourage first visited the iiGEN Statioenry product showroom. Chairman Xu Liangzhi introduced the company’s history and the meaning of its name. “One” means to be honest and upright, and “true” means to be legitimate and authentic. The company is committed to becoming the world’s leading creative student supplies company.

In the product display area, Xu Liangzhi focused on the company’s “IP Kingdom.” To date, iiGEN Statioenry has signed licensing agreements with over 10 IPs from around the world, including Sanrio, Ultraman, My Little Pony, and Transformers. The company is the industry leader in holding authorized IPs.

In the briefing, Xing Zhihong learned about the company’s product portfolio, R&D investment, market business, and production operations. He encouraged the company to use Pujiang as its headquarters, leverage its IP business advantages, attract talent, strengthen innovation, and develop more “unique skills” in the niche market.

Finally, Xing Zhihong and his entourage visited iiGEN’s fully automated notebook production workshop. Xu Liangzhi said that Pujiang is a strategically important base for iiGEN’s development.

The company will fully leverage its production scale, advanced equipment and technology, and continue to build its core competitiveness. It will use high-quality products to capture the market and achieve greater efficiency.

In the future, iiGEN Statioenry will continue to uphold its values of “continuous improvement and customer first.”

The company will continue to attract talented people and improve its level of automation. It will provide customers with higher-quality products and make new contributions to the economic development of Pujiang.